Zone’in chewies and pencil toppers

Chewies Should your student “Get Zone’in” with chewing, provision of a Zone’in Chewy bracelet or pencil topper would be recommended. Zone’in Chewies are given to one student only with suggestion to keep Chewy in a plastic bag in their desk.

The “Get Zone’in” Bracelet is made from 100% silicone and is non-toxic. The Chewy Pencil Topper fits standard pencils and most pens and is made of medical grade, latex free 80 durometer PVC material.

Cleaning Recommendations for all Chewy Products: For sanitary reasons, we recommend that each child’s chewable bracelet be cleaned with hot water and soap once every day; pencil toppers can also be washed with hot soap and water. All Chewy’s should be discarded when they show signs of wear. Remember, it is never a good idea for children to share Chewies!

Zone’in has received information regarding the safety of prolonged chewing on Stir Stixs. Although we have been assured by manufacturers regarding the non-presence of bisphenols in Stir Stix, we have recently been informed that the manufacturer of these devices does not recommend them for chewing on, as they are made for stirring and drinking. ~ We do not have information about any adverse effects of prolonged chewing on Stir Stix, only that the manufacturer does not recommend that people chew these devices.~ Therefore – PLEASE advise all teachers, therapists and parents to not allow children to “chew” Stir Stixs.

Excessive chewing is an indication that your child needs to MOVE! The jaw joint and muscle are large, and therefore give good “bang for buck” when a child’s body is seeking proprioceptive stimuli in the form of heavy work. Remember what our bodies were doing 100 years ago…plowing fields, chopping down trees, hauling water. Our bodies have not evolved to accommodate today’s sedentary yet frenzied lifestyle…so we chew! So, if you have a child who needs to chew, put them outside and get them to do some intense work. If the child is in a classroom, Zone’in Chewies are a short term solution. Be sure to only use Chewies to get Zone’in to Learn, 2-3 minutes maximum, then put Chewies back into a baggie stored in that child’s desk. For more information on chewing, please read the following article: To Chew or Not to Chew, Autism Perspective.