Live'in helps balance technology with healthy living

Mounting research evidence is showing significant adverse effects of technology overuse on child development, behaviour and learning. One in three children now enter school developmentally delayed, one in four are obese, one in six have a diagnosed mental illness, and one in eleven children are addicted to technology. With 40% of parents using over 11 hours of entertainment based technology per day, whole family addiction becomes glaringly apparent. As treating whole family technology addiction is cost prohibitive, prevention is key. Addressing wide scale technology addiction involves formation of teams rom the following sectors: parent, educator, health professional, government, researcher, and technology production corporation. These teams can then proceed toward wide scale education and implementation of a variety of initiatives to improve child development, behavior, and learning.

Live'in Resource Guide helps parents, teachers and community groups manage balance between critical factors for child growth and success, with technology use. Termed Balanced Technology Management, as homes, schools, and communities ensure managed access to healthy activities, technology use will consequently be reduced.

The Live'in Resource Guide contains information, technology usage guidelines, and curriculum programming necessary for parents, teachers, and community to better manage balance between healthy activity and technology.

This guidebook includes reproducible handouts such as:

The Zone'in Research Fact Sheet

Technology Topics for Discussion

Technology Addiction Questionnaire

The Survivor Unplugged Challenge

Tarent Unplug'in Information Brochure

Ten Steps to `Unplug' Your Kids

Alternate Activities to Technology

The Technology Diet

The Technology Schedule

and much, much, more!

Start down the path toward ensuring children and their families attain sustainable futures. Form your Balanced Technology Management Teams, and discover how to teach others to best manage balance between healthy activity and technology in homes, schools and communities today!

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