Move’in Program – A Printing Adventure!

This Zone’in product is no longer sold.

The Move’in Program is designed by a pediatric occupational therapist to improve printing output speeds, a salient determinant for student success in all subjects!

Three reasons why you need the Move’in Program:

Don’t think you need the Move’in Program?

Measure your child’s printing speeds with the Printing Output Speed Test, and your child’s reading speeds with the Foundation Scale for Grades K-6. These test are two of the 13 components measured in the Move’in Program.

What is the Move’in Program?

The Move’in Program provides elementary students with an individualized printing assessment in the form of a board game and instructive DVD, and offers specific individualized interventions to improve printing and reading skill. The Move’in Program is suggested to be implemented once per year for children grades K through 3 to ensure literacy for every student.