Play’in the Lines computer program

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Play’in the Lines is a web-based computer program which has three functions:

  • Students register their To Do Cards received during Move’in Program assessment, thus providing individualized specific instruction on what they need To Do to improve printing and reading skill.
  • Customized Journal Sheets are created by the student by picking line type and line size of choice, which improves visual motor skill. Journal Sheets are then added into the printer cue.
  • Worksheets are produced by importing stroke, shape, capital letter, small case letter, or number onto Journal Sheet, which improved motor planning skill. Worksheet are then added into the printer cue.
  • Upon receipt of Move’in Program, recipients will receive an introductory letter with directive on how to access this program.

    Software installation on computers is not required, however, the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player is required.

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    Move'in Game Book

    Move’in Game Books

    Gamebooks are required to play the “Move’in” board game.

    These Gamebooks can either be photocopied or downloaded.