Zone’in smellies (aromatherapy)

This Zone’in product is no longer sold.

SmellyLemon and Mandarin essential oils are supplied by Escents and are 100% pure & undiluted. Lemon and Mandarin are two of the most child friendly essential oils, and children will enjoy their invigorating aromas!

As with all essential oils, children should be supervised. Essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin, as direct skin application could create skin sensitivity to sunlight.

We recommend the lemon and mandarin essential oils are used aromatically, by adding a drop or two of oil to cotton ball in film canister, and then “wafting” aroma toward nose with hand.

As there may be children in classroom with extreme olfactory sensitivities, ask class to report to teacher if they do not like aromas, feel nauseous, develop headaches or feel dizzy (symptoms of olfactory sensitivity).

For more information on essential oils please visit www.escentsaromatherapy.com.