Zone’in squishies

This Zone’in product is no longer sold.

SquishySqueezing a squishy is a “heavy work” Zone Tool to get kids in the Zone to Learn. It’s a lycra skin with styrene beads that kids can squish to work their muscles and joints.

At the end of two week Zone’in Program, those children who have regularly accessed a Zone’in Squishy from the Zone’in Station, should be provided with their own Zone’in Squishy Tool. Should a large number of students require a Zone’in Squishy, an economical alternative would be to have your classroom make Zone’in flour balloons.

Zone’in Squishies are made with Gayla 100% natural latex balloons and recycled biodegradable filling, composed of micro size beads that are round with no sharp edges for a unique soothing feel. Each latex balloon and recycled biodegradable filling is double lined, a bag within a bag. A metal clip closes the bag (no knot). This adds double protection against leakage/breakage. Because the balloon is biodegradable, continuous exposure to heat, pressure and sunlight will accelerate breakdown of the latex.

Have fun squeezing and shaping your Zone’in Squishy, however care should be taken to avoid puncturing the balloon. The natural biodegradable characteristic of a balloon and the amount of use and care of handling will determine its life expectancy. The Zone’in Squishy is NOT meant to Chew!

Caution: As our squishies are made of latex, they should not be used by children allergic to latex.