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25 years ago, physically fit children played outside, were reasonably well behaved, and attained job-entry literacy prior to school graduation. Child mental illness and addiction was non-existent, and child initiated violence and crime rare. Teens fell in love, got married, and grew up to have children of their own. While life wasn’t necessarily idealic, the family and school fabrics wove foundations that were sustainable, resulting in optimal child development and learning.

Today, one in three children enter school developmentally delayed, one in four are obese, one in six have a diagnosed mental illness, and one in eleven have addictions. As intensity of media violence increases, incidence of sexual and violent crimes by children toward children, escalate. Child behaviour spins out of control, as sad and mad children rebel from lack of parental attention, structure, and discipline. Child mental illness is rapidly becoming the norm, as is administration of toxic psychotropic medications replaces the daily vitamin. Parents can no longer cope, escaping into addiction, neglecting and abusing their children in the process. Sedentary, isolated, overstimulated, and neglected, the ways in which children are raised and educated with technology are no longer sustainable. Lost to a virtual world of texting, facebook, pornography, and violence, how long can the new millennium child survive?

Now is the time for health and education professionals to begin the long journey toward healing the damages caused by technology. Screening for technology overuse by children, youth and families, is now imperative. Provision of research evidenced information and training in use of technology reduction tools and strategies, is imperative. Continuing to diagnose and medicate problematic behaviour caused by technology overuse, is an unproductive and unethical. Waiting to act is resulting in increasing suffering and harm to children. The time to act is now, and the method of action is the Tech Tool Kit.

The Tech Tool Kit was designed by pediatric occupational therapist Cris Rowan, an expert in the impact of technology on children. Author, speaker, and CEO of Zone’in Programs Inc., Cris is passionate about changing the ways in which children use technology. The Tech Tool Kit contains 13 tear off pads including technology screens, information, and tools for health and education professionals to service 50 children, youth and parents.

The Tech Tool Kits contain the following tear-off handouts, enclosed in the following three sections.

I   Screens

Technology Usage Screen for Parents – documents technology usage.

Technology Addiction Questionnaire – determines addiction.

Attachment Questionnaire – profiles parent/child attachment.

Technology Diet – technology usage ranking questionnaire for families.

II   Information

Fact Sheet – topically organized facts with alphabetically listed research references.

Parent Unplug’in Brochure – facts, addiction, impact, expert usage guidelines, and short list of alternative activity suggestions.

Road to Medication – profiles how lack of movement, touch and human connection, result in child mental illness diagnosis and medication.

Building Foundations/Virtual Futures – flip card that profiles critical factors for child development and learning, with impact of technology.

III  Tools

Techno Rx Pad – 6 guidelines for addressing problematic child behaviour; replaces prescription of psychotropic medication.

Ten Steps to Unplug Children from Technology – ten step plan to reduce the use of technology starting with parents unplugging themselves, and being available to their children.

Technology Usage Guidelines – complied by Cris Rowan, Hilarie Cash with reSTART Technology Addiction Center, and Dr. Andrew Doan with Real Battle Ministries.

Alternative Activities – list of healthy, attachment rich activities for families. Technology Schedule – organizational chart for the whole family to schedule in weekly technology usage, balanced with alternative activities.

Resource List – contains technology addiction treatment centres, counsellors, websites, and books.

Be a leader in the field of addressing the impact of technology on child development and learning, and give your children the edge they need to succeed.

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