Unplug’in Game – Reduce the Use!

This Zone’in product is no longer sold.

Unplug’in is a board game that builds children’s performance skills necessary for unplugging from TV and videogames. Players answer questions from the four dimensions of Me. We, Earth and Spirit gaining points, confidence and skills to ‘unplug’ or reduce technology use.

Unplug’in brings imagination and creativity back into children’s lives through discovering the art of play!

The Unplug’in game is designed for:

  • groups of 1-5 players
  • ages 5-12 years
  • use in school settings

The Unplug’in game is derived from occupational therapy theory and supports that children need to engage in productive activity in order to be physically and mentally healthy. TV and videogames are not productive activities, and overuse results in physical and mental impairments.

Unplug'in Gameboard

How it works

The Unplug’in game board looks like a TV, with the players ‘trapped’ inside and needing to gain Unplug’in points in order to get out. Unplug’in points are achieved by players answering skill building questions.

Travel between dimensions is through the Remote Portal that requires players go on a story ‘journey’ of their own making. Players learn about balancing technology with physical activity through answering questions on the Unplug’in and Do’in Cards, and learn about solving complex every day situations using the What If Cards. The Unplug’in game is won by one player acquiring necessary dimension points, and completing the final Victory Mile to eventual ‘unplugged’ status.

What are teachers saying about Unplug’in?

  • Promoted conversation, interactions and communication e.g. topics were so interested, there was fuel for expanded conversation at another time.
  • I liked the Do’in Card ‘movements’ to get kids out of their seats
  • Amazing! In general kids did not know fairy tale characters, only movie characters
  • Gives teacher/parent areas to discuss with kids later
  • Love the discussion that comes out.
  • Enjoyed having to think about the questions for myself, and then hear others’ responses.
  • Love the imagination required to complete the Journey Cards – and the fun/laughter they generate… another way to develop connection!
  • Good interactive fun!
  • Enjoyed the ‘connection’ with others and self reflection; incorporation of sensory activities.
  • The four parts – seeing beyond themselves (Gardner’s Intrapersonal) is great!
  • Wonderful questions and activities. Great way for kids to explore lots of thoughts and ideas. Would be great if they got unplugged.
  • The fact that the game is played in small groups would enable kids who may not answer questions in large groups to feel comfortable enough to answer.

What are the kids saying about Unplug’in?

  • It was fun answering the questions
  • I think lots of kids would like to play this
  • I liked playing Unplug’in because it was fun and its better than watching TV
  • I think this game would be fun to play at parties!
  • I like how the game board looks
  • I think playing the game was really fun because you get to learn more about people
  • This game was fun!
  • I liked it when people asked me questions
  • This game has really fun questions
  • This is a good family game