"Virtual Child – The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children" by Cris Rowan

Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist and biologist, passionate about changing how children use technology. Sedentary, isolated, overstimulated, and often neglected, the new millennium child's future is now at stake. 1 in 3 children now enter school developmentally delayed, 1 in 4 are obese, 1 in 6 have a diagnosed mental illness, and 1 in 11 are addicted to technology. Virtual Child provides readers with up to date research indicating that the ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology, are clearly not sustainable. Rowan offers a unique solution in her concept of Balanced Technology Management, where readers start with enhanced engagement in critical factors for child growth and success, while also using technology reduction strategies. A must read book for all parents, health and education professionals, Virtual Child will serve as a light in what is becoming a very dark forest of child technology addiction.

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Book Synopsis

Children now use an average 8 hours per day of entertainment technology with profound impact on their physical, mental, social and academic development. One third of North American children enter school developmentally delayed, and child obesity is now a national epidemic. One in six children has a diagnosed mental illness, with child aggression and unmanageable behaviour increasingly the norm. One in six children cannot pay attention and require learning assistance. With research now showing causal links between physical, mental, social and academic disorders in children who overuse technology, schools and homes continue to escalate unrestricted use.

The recent explosion in technology use by children has gravely limited achievement of critical elements for child growth and success. Movement, touch and human connection – necessary for sensory, motor and attachment development, have taken a back seat to television, internet, video games, cell phones, and movies. Chaotic, sedentary and detached, today’s parents are failing to provide their children with essential activities that build developmental foundations. Parental fears keep children indoors, “safe” from any activity that might be perceived to be dangerous, as playgrounds fall into disrepair. School ‘zero tolerance’ policies, as well as increased use of stimulant medication and ‘safe’ rooms, are all indicators that classroom management and achievement of literacy is failing. Rising incidence of child physical, mental, social and academic disorders bear witness to the profound impact technology has had on the 21st century child, raising the question “Are children no longer sustainable?

Virtual Child offers parents, health and education professionals innovative tools and techniques to enhance child development and academic performance, while managing balanced use of technology. Modifications to home and school structure and environment, serve to ensure that every new millennium child will achieve a healthy, productive and sustainable future.

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