Zone’in program – Tune In & Switch On!

The Zone’in Program is designed by a pediatric occupational therapist to help children learn how to self-regulate their energy states.

Self-regulation has been shown to be the best predictor of academic and work success.

Turn this...Into this...


Teachers and parents can stop screaming and start empowering children to know and tone their energy Zones, enabling them to be responsible participants in the learning process.

Children first Know Their Zone, and then Tone their Zone with sensory, motor and attachment rich tools and techniques. Zone’in is derived from sensory integration theory and designed to improve students’ learning by maximizing their attention and focus on tasks in a classroom, home or clinic setting.

All Zone’in Programs come with Harnessing Energy - Sensory Tools and Techniques for Responsible Learning a 3 hour webinar (a $99 savings)!

Self-Regulate with Zone’in!

Watch kids change their energy states into the Zone, right before your very eyes!


Zone’in is designed to be easy to implement in either home or classroom environments. It’s so easy the kids do it themselves. It’s so effective, the teacher and/or parent lets them.

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Zone’in kits

Zone-O-Meters, posters, DVD, and Zone’in Tools and Techniques combine to provide a kid driven, fun, and effective way to get children and classrooms Zone’in to Learn

Home Edition School Edition
Recommended for one to five
‘players’ e.g. a family, home school,
or small group within a
school or therapy clinic setting.
Recommended for one to 30
‘players’ e.g. a classroom. Designed
to be implemented on a yearly
basis so children can revisit
theory and strategies to get
their energy Zone’in to Learn
$129.99 $349.99
All Kits Contain
Zone’in DVD 1 1
Harnessing Energy webinar
– show on a Pro-D!
1 1
Know Your Zone and Tone
Your Zone
1 1
Laminated Zone-O-Meters
with velcro attachment
5 30
Squishies 2 10
Spiney Balls 2 10
Chewy Bracelets 2 10
Pencil Topper 1 3
Aroma Vials (orange and lemon)
with containers and cotton balls
2 2
Foam Ear Plugs 2 10

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